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Porsche Panamera Turbo

About us.

LXRY MVMNT is a mobility service provider that fullfills your wishes in the sports car and electric vehicle segment. From a 15 minute rental, a monthly subscription or a vehicle purchase. We perform every conceivable service – including registration, insurance, hire purchase or leasing. Managed by us and if you allow, with our own fleet. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

The team consist of young enthusiasts who want to share their passion for automobiles with you. For this reason, we work on our project every day and night.

You are in the best possible hands. Promised.


Buy a sports car, subscribe, attend one of our events or just looking for cool marketing material?

Make an appointment and let a few thousand horses speak without any obligation. We are happy to advise you.

If you are only looking for our cool marketing:


Rated with 4.9 stars 

WHAAAAM. Big surprise.

Even tough we sell sports car we have more in common with electric vehicles then greenwashing.
It was used to be a secret hobby but became way more then that. We owned fully electric vehicles ourselves years ago and we’d like to show you why.
Caution: you are going to switch. Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S Plaid are sports cars. 0-100. 2.1 seconds. 1020 horsepower.


Questions about buying a sportscar.

No, we do not sell our rental vehicles to our customers. You do not purchase a rental vehicle from us, unless you want to have a certain model. You are expressly advised of this. Furthermore this is mentioned in the contract.

You can pick up the vehicles at our location in Magdeburg and Berlin. Or have it delivered worldwide at a certain rate.

Not just that! You will be invited to exclusive events and can count on long-term, personal support even after you have purchased your vehicle.

We advise you in detail (by phone & via chat) and give you detailed information about the history of the vehicles. If you arrive by train, we will be happy to pick you up from the main train station for free. Our 360 ° service includes registration and deregistration, trade-in, guarantee (extension) as well as financing and leasing options. We deliver the vehicles throughout Germany and organize service and maintenance on request. We would be happy to send you more pictures of the vehicles on request. We are available for all individual requests.

Questions about SuperCarSubscription

The vowels were removed from LXRY MVMNT. It means pronounced “LUXURY MOVEMENT” and stands for a new, better and elegant way to move around luxuriously today.

Please get in touch to get an individual offer with or without extended services. We would love to discuss the best solution for you!

No problem! Too much is just right.

Would you like something more?

We are your contact when it comes to sports cars. We can help you with any requests – however exclusive they may be. We are just a chat window away.

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